Why Do US Lotteries Have Larger Jackpots?

There’s no real reason to know why the games in the United States seem to have the largest jackpots around. When you look at all of the numbers and the records, however, you can definitely see that these games are at the top of the heap with prizes that get well over $100 million and even close to $1 billion or more.

More People Playing

One possible reason that these games have such large prizes is because there are a lot of people playing. With so many people living in the United States and so many of those who do choosing to play the lottery, the jackpot continues to rise. After all, the more people play the game the more the jackpot will continue to go up.

Higher Starting Jackpot

The jackpots in the United States tend to start higher than some other countries. Typically, the biggest games have starting jackpots of $14 million or more. That means each subsequent ticket that is sold continues to increase the jackpot even further. Then, you end up with larger and larger jackpots. These starting numbers are higher than you’ll find in most other countries.

More Tickets Sold

Most people who purchase a ticket for one of these games don’t just buy one. So, it’s not only that there are more people buying tickets. It’s that those people are actually buying multiple tickets. As a result, there’s a whole lot more tickets that are adding to the total jackpot.

Winning Takes Longer

Winning the Mega Millions or the Powerball seems to take quite a while. In fact, the games tend to go on for a long time before a winner is declared and that means the jackpots are going up and up each time there isn’t a winner. That’s also going to help create a much larger jackpot than some of the other games that do have fast winners.